Justice for Survivors

The Justice for Survivors Practice helps survivors of human trafficking to reclaim their lives and autonomy through comprehensive legal services addressing family law, immigration, and barriers to success.

ALWAYS helps trafficking survivors of any age with:

  • Orders of protection
  • Child custody issues such as parenting time and child support in Family Courts
  • Good cause exceptions to obtain fingerprint clearance cards for employment
  • Criminal history/conviction set aside requests
  • Domestic and foreign government-issued identity documents
  • T Visas
  • Victim representation in criminal court
  • Victim compensation claims

If you are a trafficking survivor seeking legal help to overcome these obstacles, please complete our online inquiry.

Amber’s Story

Amber was 15 when she was lured into a Phoenix prostitution ring by a man she trusted. She was sexually abused and sold for five years before she escaped with the assistance of a local housing program for homeless youth. Just days after moving into her new transitional apartment, Amber’s abuser found her. He attacked her, ransacked her home, and fled with their daughter.  Amber turned to ALWAYS. With her ALWAYS attorney, Amber obtained sole custody of her daughter and reunited with her family starting a new life far from her abuser.