New Roads to Success

As homeless, trafficked, and abused young people work to make lasting change in their lives, they often face barriers to employment, housing, and education. ALWAYS believes that every young person deserves a fresh chance at a lifetime of success and, through the New Roads to Success Practice, assists young people to remove these barriers. ALWAYS helps youth to overcome legal obstacles and begin on new roads to success.

ALWAYS helps with:

  • Good cause exceptions to obtain fingerprint clearance cards for employment
  • Criminal history/conviction set aside requests
  • Government-issued identity documents from Arizona or another state

If you are a young person seeking legal help to overcome these obstacles, please complete our online inquiry.

Joy’s Story 

Like many survivors of sex trafficking, Joy had been arrested. When she escaped her traffickers and started a new life, her criminal record prevented her from accomplishing her goal of helping others through nursing. With ALWAYS’ help, Joy requested and received a good cause waiver allowing her to obtain fingerprint clearance and begin her new career as a nurse.